Whenever I receive a special request from a customer or potential customer I find myself getting a bit twitter patted as the old expression goes.  I want to make them happy, I want to do the work but then I worry that I will not charge enough for the amount of time it will take or they will think I am charging to much for the work.  Working with Trillium I understand the equation of getting paid to make sure that you are getting a fair wage but sometimes the time to create is longer than anyone would want to pay for.  It's a slippy slope to say the least.  I want to have fun and create.  I want to make enough money to cover expenses and make money to help live in this world . I want to build my self confidence to be able to trust in the work that I do and the craft that I create that people will want to pay what the item they are buying is worth because they know that it's made well and it's one of a kind.  I really like knowing that I create one of a kind items for people to own.  I suppose there is ease in creating 10 of the same thing and that you can stream line the work, but then it's not just yours.  Funny how important that is to me.  Wonder if I need to try and create a limited edition and then I could create a few of the same but know that it's one of only say 5 and that each is signed and numbered.  Can you sign and number quilts?  Seems a good question. 
I also found a place to create my own fabric and I am soooooo excited about the possibility of working with artist I have found on line that create amazing images that I love  I would take the image and use it to create fabric and them build custom quilts. Wow how cool would that be?  I shall continue to strive for the balance of all.