It seemed to be a good week for creating as I was able to finish two quilt tops and then I was able to get one of them quilted and ready to sell.  They are both what I would call baby quilts but very different in all aspects.  One is a sweet quilt with bright rainbow colors surrounding fussy cut blocks of young Hispanic Children playing and Dancing.  My favorite block however is the one with the sweet little burro carrying flowers.  It's a style of quilt I really enjoy building one block at a time and then adding them together and using strips of colors to divide the rows. It's a very organic way to build a quilt.  I just find all the fabrics I have that match the colors in the blocks I want to build with and go to town.  Sometimes it's a quick and easy process and other times, it seems to take forever because the colors just don't seem to want to come together yet each time, I am so pleased when the quilt has been finished and washed and ready to send off to someone who thought it would be the perfect quilt for their little one, 

The second top was a pattern I found that I thought would be fun to work with after a bit of a modification.  I really enjoyed the way it came out and will probable use it again for a larger quilt.  It was a fun project to work on as it was using my favorite type of fabric’s pirates, skulls and skeletons.  I do love working in the Day of the Dead.  I love the idea of happy celebrating souls sharing the earth with us. I want to be just like them when I grow up.  After a quick trip to the fabric store I am ready to quilt the top.  I needed red for the back of the quilt as all the blacks I had just didn’t seem to be right and I want this one to pop when people see it.  So, I hope to keep the momentum up and keep working through some of the fabrics in my stash and find new ways of bringing them together.    Some day I am going to be able to have my own fabrics made with images that I love.  I will have them printed on fabric and then work them into quilts, you wait and see, and this dream will come true too.