Sewphie The Sewing Bird, check out my ETSY site to see available styles.

Sewphie the Sewing Bird is back! Back in the day (1970's), when I was just starting out on this road of sewing, I found this cute adorable sewing kit bird and fell in love. I made one for everyone I knew at the time that might even think of sewing and then time flew by and 30 years later, she' back.  I found her again after searching for the pattern for nearly 2 years.   She’s cute and adorable and ready to work.  She has all the things you’ll need to get started sewing and never look back.  Sewphie is dressed up and hip for today’s sewing. What a great gift for the just starting out seamstress or a must have for the seasoned creator of beautiful things. Because as a creator, you can never have to many tool or things that make you smile as you begin the creative process.


Scissors, Tape Measure, Sewing Needles, Pins, Chalk, Needle Threader, Safety Pin, Thimble

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